Night vision

фото:Night vision monocular ARCHER NVMA-14
Night vision monocular ARCHER NVMA-14
фото:Night vision goggles ARCHER NVGA-7, NVGA-15
A series of night vision goggles Archer is presented by a compact but rugged bi-ocular Archer NVGA-7 and a dual-channel night vision goggle system Archer NVGA- 15.
фото:Night vision sights ARCHER NVSA-2.5, NVSA-4.5, NVSA-6
Archer NVSA-2.5, NVSA-4.5, NVSA-6 sights represent the apex of night vision technology, specially designed for the usage on small tactical arms
фото:Night vision clip-ons ARCHER NVCOA-M, NVCOA-L, NVCOA-ХL
Extending the boundaries of night vision systems, Thermal Vision Technologies LLC has introduced the new line of Archer clip-ons. In order to satisfy the most demanding customer, the clip-ons are available in three modifications, different in size, weight and tasks performing: NVCOA-M, NVCOA-L and NVCOA-XL.