Thermal imaging devices for special applications

фото:Thermal imaging sighting system ARCHER TSA-7
Thermal imaging sight ARCHER TSA-7 is the latest development of “Thermal Vision Technologies” company. High-performance capabilities, excellent operating capacities, wide functionality – these are distinctive features of thermal imaging sighting system ARCHER TSA-7.
фото:Thermal imaging sight archer ARCHER TSA-9
ARCHER TSA-9 is the best sight in its series. Extremely long distances and severe conditions won’t be an obstacle to keep accurate shooting anymore. Advanced functionality and new software of the sight will be excellent assistants in performing the most complex tasks.
фото:Thermal imaging sight ARCHER TSA-11, TSA-10
ARCHER TSA-11 is the newest sight specially designed for the usage on small tactical arms. The peculiarity of the thermal sight is its small size and an objective with a fixed focus that provides a sharp image from 25 m to infinity.
фото:Thermal imaging clip-on ARCHER TCN-11
A compact pre-lens thermal imaging clip-on ARCHER TCN-11 is intended for use with daylight optical sights. The frequence of a daylight sight is from 3x to 8x.
фото:Thermal imaging binocular ARCHER TGX-3/75
Thermal imaging binocular ARCHER TGX-3/75 is a modern compact optical device. High-performance capabilities of the optical system, an extended set of functions and ergonomic design of ARCHER TGX-3/75 make it an indispensable device for a wide range of applications.
фото:Thermal imaging binocular ARCHER TGX-8/75
Thermal imaging binocular ARCHER TGX-8/75 is an ultramodern compact optical device, designed for monitoring and observing areas in limited visibility conditions: poor lighting, smoke, fog, objects hidden by vegetation or merged with underlying terrain.
фото:Thermal imaging monocular ARCHER TMA-30М/55M
Digital tactical thermal imaging device ARCHER TMA-30M/55M – new monoculars of TMA series. The device is equipped with high-aperture lens with a manual focus and proximity sensors that much reduce the risk of disclosure.
фото:Thermal imaging monocular ARCHER TMQ-19/20
ARCHER TMQ-19/20 is a digital ultra-compact thermal imaging device. Small dimensions of this device allow comfortable use of the monocular, having set it on a headgear or helmet. The device is used by emergency services and special units in urban conditions or on short distances indoors.
фото:Ballistic calculator ARCHER ВСА-01
ARCHER BCA-01 is an autonomous ballistic calculator designed for calculating corrections for the chosen type of weapon / ammunition, depending on the distance to the target and weather conditions. The device is equipped with a laser rangefinder, a weather station, a digital compass and an inclinometer.