Additional equipment

фото:Remote display RDC-02
Remote display RDC-02 is intended for use as a backup instrument of information reflection and control of ARCHER devices. By its functions, RDC-02 combines a micro display with a lens and a remote control.
фото:Dislay module DCM-12
Display module DCM-12 is intended for use as an electronic dashboard for vehicles. The feature of the device is the ability to display video from surveillance cameras (day and thermal imaging). All necessary information is concentrated in the field of driver’s view.
фото:Dislay module DCM-15
Display module DCM-15 is intended for use as a tool of information reflection and control of one or several video sources. By its functions, DCM-15 combines a high-resolution display and a remote control device, united in a reinforced housing.
фото:Redundant power supply RBP-8
External battery unit RBP-8 is designed for secured power supply of ARCHER devices at ambient temperatures -30°C ÷ +55°C, relative humidity no more than 95% at 25 ± 10°C, atmospheric pressure of 690 to 790 mm Hg.
фото:Voltage converter 12/24
Voltage converter is used for power source adjustment (in this case the board network of armored vehicles = 36V DC) to the level that allows to safely use this source to charge or power a connected device (14V DC).
фото:Battery charger CRG-6
The automatic battery charger CRG-6 can simultaneously charge from 1 to 6 batteries. A built-in microprocessor unit fully controls battery charging mode and can also identify the defective elements.
фото:Remote control panel RMC
Remote control series ARCHER RMC is designed for the integrated use of panels with portable devices ARCHER and provides remote control of their key functions. RMC panels are equipped with two interfaces – wired and wireless. The design of ARCHER RMC allows for installation on Picatinny rail or any other chosen place with the help of a special strap.
фото:Field display module FDM-102 (10"), FDM-72 (7")
Field display module FDM-102 (10"), FDM-72 (7") is designed for use in field conditions with thermal imaging devices Archer.