Remote display RDC-02

Remote display RDC-02

фото:Remote display RDC-02

Remote display RDC-02 is intended for use as a backup instrument of information reflection and control of ARCHER devices. By its functions, RDC-02 combines a micro display with a lens and a remote control.

The display connects to ARCHER devices via two-cables digital interface SDI that provides power supply, the digital video stream transmission and reverse control commands transfer to the main unit.

The remote display RDC-02 can be mounted on a headgear or helmet. It relieves the operator from the necessity to hold the device in hands and allows a remote use of the device ARCHER, for instance, from a secured place.

Display RDC-02 has an option to connect an external power source, for example, RBP-8, that essentially prolonges the battery life of the complex